Angels Musical Instruments Company

believes in the Harmony and Quality in their Products.

Angels Musical Instrument, Inc.

is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers in the bowed instruments industry. The factory is located in Xi’an, the city at the beginning of the Silk Road, and famous for its buried Terracotta Warriors.

Angels Musical Instruments supply the full line of bowed professional, quality, and old-fashioned instruments including violins, violas and cellos from fraction to full size.

The instruments supplied by us are hand made by using aged natural dry maple wood and aged spruce.


Zhennian Violin Tone

Zhennian Quartet

Zhennian Violin Tone

Zhennian Cello

Yinzhong Violin Tone

Shiliang Violin Tone

Zhennian Viola Tone


J.S. 1000 model violins are made from aged maple and old-growth tone wood which produce a powerful, brilliant and focused sound.


J.S.900VA-Tertus Viola is the copy of  the  most  famous  Tertus viola.  These  violas are special designed for smaller upper and the large lower bout for big sound , it is easier for the smaller and younger players. These Tertus violas are beautifully craft by our master maker. It is made of selected aged tone woods and maple woods. It is finished by the old-fashion varnish.


J.S.1000 model cello is special made for the professional musicians. Rich, deep immediate sound. Special aged spruce. Exceptional antiquing. With the professional set up finished in USA.

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